Three Things Worth Fighting For - All Else is a Waste of Our Time and Life
Wednesday, May 24, 2023 8:24 AM

Three Things Worth Fighting For - All Else is a Waste of Our Time and Life

Wednesday, May 24, 2023 8:24 AM
Wednesday, May 24, 2023 8:24 AM
Life happens. Time passes. From the time we take our first breath until we take our last, many find out only on their death bed were there only three things between the dash (birth date "dash" death date) worth fighting for.
While still on the left side of the dash know that there are only three things worth spending the most valuable currency we have - time.
The only difference between a successful life and a failed life is how we spend our 24/7. God gives each of us the same 24/7. The only difference between the successful and the failed is how they chose to spend their 24/7. 
In all of life, there are only three things worth fighting for:

1) Name
2) Family
3) Purpose
Since Adam and Eve this has been the case. And we have an Adversary to try and damage, discredit and destroy them all. In all of life, this is what he is after because these three are the substance of life from which all else is made that makes a complete life.
He will bring so many other things to distract us from these main things. His ultimate goal is to destroy or cause us to self-destroy these three most important things that are life. The only three things in our short time here that matter.
Satan separated Adam and Eve from their true identity - name.

Before they could conceive and reproduce, he wrecked what was certain to be blissful living - family.
He deceived Eve and diverted God's Plan A for their life - purpose.
Thus began the written history of God's word to teach us, instruct us, and guide us in the things that comprise life as He intended.

Is there any wonder then why the greatest battles we are fighting today are centered around our identity, our family, and our purpose?
This will no doubt upset some people but that makes it no less true. There is no accident that the most visceral battles are wrapped in, up and around name and identity. Male or female? Binary or non-binary. Transgender. Fluid. Other. 
The battle over the definition of family. What is family? Two moms. Two dads. Same-sex marriage. Open marriage.
The inward battle to discover and pursue purpose. Ask 50 people why they are here on earth - why they were born. What they were born to do - their purpose.
Likely 47 of the 50 couldn't tell you why. Most people exist from day to day. From paycheck to paycheck. From event to event. Job to job - with no real sense of purpose or vision.
Family is so important to God that he has provided a family for us all - the family of God - his family. The church. This is why the attack is so against the church and even the church itself losing its way in the muddy waters of politics. The church family is disintegrating in America right before our eyes. Some self-destructing having lost their way and others have been targeted by the Adversary for destruction.
The family of God is under assault like never before. This is why in addition to our nuclear family being part of a local church is so important, especially for those with no family or toxic families. The Lord has made provision. Why? Because of how important family is! One of the top three. And the devil knows it!
And lastly, our purpose. Fight for it. But first, you have to know what it is. And the Adversary has made it his business to make sure most of us never do. He has legions of demons to make sure. To distract us. Detour us. 
The very reason God gives life to our spirit through dirt bodies is to carry out his purpose on earth. We come equipped, wired, and ready. If the Adversary can kill us pre or post-womb, he would have succeeded in thwarting God's purpose through us on earth. It's just that simple and satanic.
We all are an answer to a problem or a prayer. It's called "purpose."  Someone needs what God has equipped and purposed you to do and the Adversary has made it his goal to stop you. And me. Us all. Just as he did with Adam and Eve.
God poured the spirit into the flesh to accomplish his will (our purpose) during our short time on earth.
If you are going to fight, fight for the above. Your name. Your family. Your purpose. Not silly, meaningless skirmishes on social media, at work, road raging, or engaging in meaningless, time-consuming arguments that 5 minutes or 5 years from now won't matter and would have only detracted and subtracted from you.
It is the devil's trick. Distraction ultimately leads to destruction. Either partial or total. Both will ensure you don't fulfill your very reason for being.

So teach us to number our days, That we may present You a heart of wisdom. - Psalm 90:12
Anything else, all else, everyone else is the devil's distraction and you'll wake up one day and it's time to go. Somebody will be planning your funeral.
On your deathbed, only these three things will be on your mind. Not what so and so said or thought about you. At that point, we are going to meet the only One who ever did. Creator God.
Most just find that out too late. So if you fell yesterday in either of the three, get back up. Today is a brand new day to fight for what matters. That's why God gives us new mercies every day!
Three things. His name. His family.  His will.  Now you know. You don't have to be involved in everything and with everybody who wants to be involved with you. They are time stealers!
All else and whoever else is not worth the most valuable and the two most precious and unreplenishable things we have - time and life. Time is life. And life is time. When either is gone, both are gone.