How to Talk Back to the Devil
Monday, September 20, 2021 12:00 AM

How to Talk Back to the Devil

Monday, September 20, 2021 12:00 AM
Monday, September 20, 2021 12:00 AM
The Devil is his title. Satan is his name. And he is after the control tower of our life. Our mind. If he can control our mind, he will control our life.
As the control tower dictates what happens in the cockpit and on the runway - so does our mind dictate what happens in our life, for all of our life.
A pilot isn't going anywhere until he or she has been cleared by the control tower. And our life isn't going anywhere if it isn't cleared by our control tower. Our mind.
If the control tower is off, the entire flight will be off course and may even crash and burn. That's what the Devil wants - to take control of our mind so that he can run our life into the ground.
If we allow him to take control of our mind, he will take control of our life. Why? Because from the mind comes our emotions. Whatever controls the mind, controls the emotions. And emotions control atttitude.
Thoughts control emotions. Emotions control attitude. And our attitude toward people, places and things dictates our actions and responses to the same. And it all begins in the mind with a thought, then a series of thoughts.
Our thought life is what Satan wants to control. Because as we think, so we are. Whatever we think, we believe. And whatever we believe we act on. And it is our actions, not our words that ultimately define us. Satan wants to redefine you and me.
And he strikes our mind again and again and again until he penetrates it. Always with untrue thoughts from untrue words.
All of humanity fell because of a conversation. One between the serpent by the voice of Satan to Eve. There are always two voices talking to us. The voice of truth from God and the voice of deception from the Devil and his demonic forces.
And if we are going to be successful in combating the Devil, we'd better learn how to hold a conversation with him. Putting him in his place - unlike Eve who allowed him to usurp her place and take control over the earth which God had given to her and Adam to manage.
God has given us life to manage well the time, talents and resources He's given. All of which one day we will have to give an account.
The Devil hasn't changed. His method hasn't changed. And to defeat him, we have to know how to talk back to him with the authority we have been given by God.

Never let the Devil have the last word. If you do, it will be the last of you. This podcast teaches you how to talk back to the Devil and put him back in his rightful place - under your feet.

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