Christian Nationalism - The Tipping Point
Sunday, December 25, 2022 5:29 AM

Christian Nationalism - The Tipping Point

Sunday, December 25, 2022 5:29 AM
Sunday, December 25, 2022 5:29 AM

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Jesus never commanded us to forcibly reign over any country. Including America. He himself refused when some wanted him to lead the charge in overthrowing the Roman government to make him king. He refused. So should those who truly follow him. It's not God's way. God's way is evangelism, not nationalism.

Join us for a powerful evening of community and conversation as we learn from four of the most influential leaders in their fields.

Christian nationalism is anything but Christian.

It's not about God, but about seizing control and power of local, state and national governments, in the name of God, under the misguided belief that America was founded as a Christian nation and it is up to Christians to seize control, power and authority to restore it back.

Many are not even Christians but using Christianity as the means of seizing power.

What's at risk? Democracy and representative government from local school boards to Congress. Who's at risk? Us all.

It is taking hold in communities and cities across America and sadly, it pits organizations like ours, churches, pastors and others who teach against it at odds with those who too appear to be acting in the name of God and on behalf of God.

Nationalism is deceptive, divisive and destructive.

What every American and taxpayer should know. No spin. No politics. Truth. Attendance capped at 100 to allow for interaction and conversation.

Invite your small group, colleague, church member or co-worker. Come out, make new connections, learn, participate and join the conversation - because America is at the tipping point.

Come straight from the office and enjoy delicious New Orleans cuisine from our sponsor, The Pelican House. Then settle in for an intimate evening in the historic Ervay Theater in downtown Dallas to learn more about the two most important but deleterious ideologies influencing public policymakers and many faith leaders.

When destructive and divisive deception sounds like and is taken as gospel by many.

An intriguing and long-due conversation. Come away with a better understanding of what Christian nationalism and dominionism are and why together they present a clear and present danger to democracy and Christianity.

Even more, as an American, as a voter, what you can do.


Charles O’Neal 

Dr. David R. Brockman

Dr. James Whitfield

Dr. Darrell L. Bock


Dorothy Burton