Governing God's Way Podcast
Friday, March 19, 2021 4:17 PM

Governing God's Way Podcast

Friday, March 19, 2021 4:17 PM
Friday, March 19, 2021 4:17 PM

Practical. Not preachy.

Governing God's way is the practical application of biblical principles to the challenging circumstances, decisions and situations we deal with throughout the course of a day, career and  life.

Timeless principles for times like these.

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Episode 48
There Is No Retiring From Our Work

Episode 47
Leading in Government Like Jesus - The Series

Episode 46
The Leader People Will Follow

Episode 45
What it Takes to Lead Well in Difficult Times: A Conversation on Leadership with Ambassador Ron Kirk

Episode 44
Christian Nationalism - A Conversation with Amanda Tyler and Frank Schaeffer

Episode 43
Equally Yoked
- A Conversation with Jim and Chief Justice (Ret.) Carolyn Wright, 5th Court of Appeals Texas; and, Aaron and Honorable Erleigh Wiley, District Attorney, Kaufman County, Texas 

Episode 42
"No Fear!" - A Conversation with Honorable Helen Giddings

Episode 41
How to Talk Back to the Devil

Episode 40
The Great Equalizer 

Episode 39
When the Glory Fades

Episode 38
The Enemy's Plan Of Attack - How Satan Takes Out the Best of Leaders

Episode 37
Admission Takes Away Their Ammunition

Episode 36
God, Do It Again!

Episode 35
4 Key Words

Episode 34

Episode 33
Righteousness, Justice and Equity...

Episode 32
Integrity - Your Ticket to the Top

Episode 31

Episode 30
Would You Do That?

Episode 29
Dangerous Alliances

Episode 28
Best of 2020: Keep Your Eyes on the Coach

Episode 27
Best of 2020: Positioned for Purpose

Episode 26
Best of 2020: When They Envy

Episode 25
Best of 2020: Contra Mundrum!

Episode 24
Yes! He Is The One!

Episode 23
Take A Rest

Episode 22
Are They For You or Against You?

Episode 21
They Can't Touch You!

Episode 20
How You See You

Episode 19
What It Takes To Lead

Episode 18
Don't Miss The It!

Episode 17
Write Another Letter

Episode 16
The Company We Keep

Episode 15
The Self-Defeating Strategy of Division

Episode 14
Et Tu, Brute? Identifying Your Brutus and Judas

Episode 13
Don't Be Jealous

Episode 12
Don't Let Their Words Worry You

Episode 11
Only a Fool Answers a Fool

Episode 10
Someone's Always Watching

Episode 9
They're Not Supposed to Like You

Episode 8
The Hand and Plan of God

Episode 7
Monkey Business

Episode 6
They Can't Buy What's Not For Sale

Episode 5
Knowing When to Listen

Episode 4
Answering Your Critics

Episode 3
A Trap With Your Name On It

Episode 2
Choosing Your Inner Circle

Inaugural Episode
Before You Face the Lions


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